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GenPro Fax Service - Starting at $129/month

When Scottish inventor Alexander Bain patented his "Electric Printing Telegraph" (the first facsimile machine) on May 27, 1843 he probably didn't expect people to still be using his invention in the 21st century! But we are and especially so in the healthcare world.  Faxing is still in widespread use because it is convenient, secure, compliant and provides a legal audit trail to its users. However for medical practitioners using EMR software it is important to keep as much of their workflow electronic in an effort to reduce paper and speed up clinical communication.

There are many different electronic faxing solutions available on the market but few provide the convenience, flexibility, scalability and low cost of the GenPro Fax Service. Not only is GenPro Fax a great service you also get the support of our awesome team of Gennix technicians.  Here is a list of the features in our solution.

  • Send faxes directly from your EMR and attach additional pages from other computer applications
  • Receive incoming faxes as PDF files for convenient document handling
  • Send and receive faxes simultaneously and avoid fax line congestion
  • Quick and easy faxing from all of the computers on your network
  • No contract required to use the service
  • No page count limits on sending or receiving
  • Free training and support provided by the Gennix team

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