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"Saving" money may cost you too much.

If you are in business to make money is it worth choosing low quality tools and then hoping for the best? Consumer grade computer hardware is not designed for business use and while it can "work" the experience is often less than satisfactory on a number of levels. In fact the perceived savings are often lost once the computer is upgraded to meet the specifications of the business network. Our infographic provides an apples-to-apples comparison of the classes of computer hardware.

So what's The Problem with using consumer computer hardware in my business?

Well it's the old adage; "You get what you pay for". In our years of experience when dealing with low cost consumer computer hardware we run into some common problems.

  • Operating systems are not compatible with the business network
  • Non-standard configurations and driver software cost more in technician time
  • Poor performance reduces the user's productivity
  • Devices not meant to run 24/7 365 fail prematurely and need to be replaced more often
  • Warranties are usually 1 year and require you to take the device to an out-of-the-way depot location

For business it's about Return On Investment (ROI)

Each issue listed above is a hit to your bottom line. Probably not all at once but by the time you are done with that consumer grade product it has cost as much or more than a well spec'd business machine. What can you expect from good quality computer hardware?

  • Ease of installation because it's ready for your network
  • Reduced configuration costs
  • Performance to keep up with your business demands
  • High availability because it's built to last
  • Quick turn around times with onsite warranty repairs if needed
  • Lower overall cost during the device's lifecycle

Choosing business class computer hardware will make you happy!

So the choice comes down to cobbling together a "low-cost" consumer hardware solution or spending a little extra money up front on business class computers.  In our experience clients who have chosen quality business machines are happier because they enjoy a smoother IT experience and can get back to making money, which is what it's about; right?


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