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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services


GenPro Managed Services provides a holistic
 approach to optimizing your business IT ecosystem


WHAT are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are a package of IT systems and solutions outsourced to a team of dedicated professionals who provide the tools that allow you, the business owner, to focus on running your business efficiently.  GenPro Managed Services includes unlimited user support, PC and device alerts, network security, data backups and overall
system maintenance.

WHY do I need Managed IT Services?

They provide security, reliability and peace of mind for you, your employees and clients; and as your business grows GenPro Managed Services scales up to provide the right amount of support based on the number of users.  Simply choose the plan; GenPro Lite, Standard or Premium (contact us for plan details) that offers the level of support you need and then enjoy our high quality, cost effective service.

WHEN is a business ready to move to Managed IT Services?

Here are some telltale signs that your business needs Managed IT Services:

  • The business is expanding and outgrowing the close personal friend as IT person scenario
  • Malware infections are impacting your staff and data (crypto viruses and ransomware)
  • Project logistics, equipment ordering and license management are becoming complicated
  • Windows patching and software updates are becoming a burden to manage
  • You’re ready to move to the cloud but not sure where to begin

Let’s Talk

Every great idea, project and partnership starts with a conversation.  Run your business IT ideas past us and we will help you craft a support program that will fit your needs perfectly.

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