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"Gennix is infinitely better at communicating with our staff than our previous IT support firm."

Rick Swadden, Managing Partner

Swadden and Company, Barristers & Solicitors


From the window of his 14th-floor office in downtown Vancouver, Rick Swadden enjoyed a spectacular view of the beautiful west coast city. What wasn't beautiful was the treatment he was receiving from the IT firm he had been using for the last couple of years; it was time for a "change of scenery."

After completing his undergraduate degree at UBC and his law degree at the London School of Economics, Rick Swadden began what is now a 45-year law career. He founded Swadden & Company in the 1980s, and as the managing partner of the firm, Rick oversees the IT infrastructure for the lawyers and paralegals.

As in most business sectors, the use of technology in law practices has grown over the years. For instance, in the early days of desktop computing lawyers embraced WordPerfect as a competitive edge because it cut down document turn-around time and improved attorney-staff ratios. Since then technologies such as scanners, servers, and databases have been implemented to continue the drive for efficiency and profitability.

One of Rick's goals is to make Swadden & Company a technically advanced firm that leverages IT to improve productivity. They have embarked on a multi-year project to scan and convert all their paper documents into easily accessible electronic data. While modern IT makes all this possible maintaining that infrastructure requires the support and expertise of a technology partner, if the IT is not running smoothly, it's going to hinder not help the user.

It's About People Not Systems

The IT support firm that Swadden & Company had been using for several years was determined to limit the channels of communication with Rick and his staff. Essentially every interaction was sent through email and email only. The problem with email is that it is not made for collaboration or for real conversations and these days we are overloaded with it. By forcing clients into this one mode of communication the IT support company seemed to lack empathy for their clients and only cared about what worked for them.

After one last aggravating experience Rick knew it was time to look for a new support company. He had dutifully submitted a request via email to have a computer configured for a new lawyer joining the firm. Unfortunately, the petition got buried in a flurry of emails, and when the support company had not heard back from Rick after the prescribed amount of time, their system automatically closed the ticket and dropped the request entirely. Once Rick discovered what had happened there was very little time left to get the computer set up and he was justifiably frustrated. The sad fact is a simple, 30 second follow up phone call to Rick would have closed the loop, and the work would have been done on time.

Easy Communication

After getting a referral from another of Swadden's business vendors Rick met with the directors of Gennix, Erik Edge and Ren Giesbrecht, to discuss their new IT support partnership and review the results of a network assessment they conducted. Together they shaped a plan to improve data security and accessibility by installing VPN (virtual private network) software for remote workers and upgrading the Wi-Fi access points in the office.

Gennix Consulting is an excellent fit for Swadden & Company because both firms value good communication. The Gennix team welcomes whatever means of communication works best for the client. So rather than forcing clients into a single method for making requests they can call and talk to the friendly helpdesk team, send an email, log into the client portal or even send text messages. Gennix responds to service requests with a follow-up phone call to let clients know they have received the request and confirmed the details. After every ticket, Gennix gives the client an opportunity to rate their experience and help improve the service in whatever way possible.

Problems Solved.

Once Gennix began serving Swadden & Company Rick Swadden noticed an immediate improvement in the time to resolution on service requests. In one instance a piece of time tracking software, critical for billing Swadden's clients, stopped working and needed to be dealt with quickly. Rick says, "[The previous support company] would have only started working on the problem in two or three days, Gennix was able to work with the software vendor and get the problem resolved in 2 hours and 20 minutes. The feedback I'm getting from my staff is that Gennix is solving our IT problems."

Gennix is providing clear channels of communication, quickly resolving issues, reducing downtime and improving profitability for Swadden & Company, and for Rick Swadden that brings peace of mind.

Gennix transitioned us to the Cloud which has had a positive impact on our employee productivity – i.e. less downtime. Thanks, Gennix.
— Gerri Botterill, Associate Executive Director, Buxton Consulting Ltd.

"We needed to find an IT company that understood the needs of our busy specialist medical clinic."

Dr Elaine Mah

Langley Obstetrics and Gynecology


Nestled in the 5 corners area of Langley is a beautiful heritage house which has become home to Langley Obstetrics and Gynecology.  When Dr Elaine Mah, a partner at the clinic, found out that their IT technician was retiring, she needed to find someone to take over the day to day oversight of their network infrastructure.  
After speaking with one of her software vendors, Elaine was given the name Gennix Consulting as a possible candidate.  She also polled her medical colleagues and again the name that came up was Gennix; known in the medical community as an IT provider with a deep understanding of healthcare computing needs.  
In 2003 Dr Mah and her group of partners were considering the possibility of implementing an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system in their practice.  The group concluded, as Elaine put it, “either computerize or be road kill!”  So, the doctors found a technician to help them and the clinic became an early adopter of QHR Technologies’ Accuro EMR solution and have never looked back.   
Fast forward thirteen years; the in-house technician was moving on and Langley Obstetrics was again facing a big IT decision, except this time it was about finding a new IT support team.  During the evaluation process the clinic established some criteria for the new provider.  The support company would need to be familiar with Accuro EMR, understand the requirements of a medical clinic and be able to deal with the “crazy hours” that doctors sometimes keep.  Gennix met all the criteria and the clinic signed an all-inclusive managed services support contract.   
The comprehensive support program that Gennix has now implemented at Langley Obstetrics and Gynecology has made certain that all aspects of their computer network are looked after.  The first order of business was to move the critical backup of the Accuro EMR servers to a system which stores hourly snapshots of the data and sends an additional copy to a data centre in another region of Canada.  Next the Gennix team installed Microsoft Office 365 on the clinic computers to give all the users the latest version of the productivity software.   Finally, the technicians installed network monitoring agents that provide industry leading anti-virus software and tools that give the clinic staff quick access to the Gennix help desk team when they need support.
“We appreciate the availability of the Gennix team when we need help with the computers” says Mah of her experience, “It’s nice to get helpful suggestions and new ideas around IT for the clinic as we move forward.”  
Partnering with the Gennix team of IT professionals has proven to be an excellent decision for this Langley clinic.

"IT support costs dropped by 35% per month after patchwork IT was streamlined."

Erin knott

CMA Canada Pacific District


Before we brought in Gennix to support our IT infrastructure we were struggling with an unstable network and some critical outages including a three-day server meltdown costing several thousand dollars in employee productivity not to mention repair costs.

"Gennix virtualized our server environment by converting three aging servers onto one new hardware server saving us over $5000 in hardware upgrade costs."

Our tape backup system was unreliable and required our staff to manage the tapes on a daily basis.  Now the backups are automated with copies being made every hour and knowing it’s all monitored provides peace of mind.

I really appreciate having a support helpdesk to call when problems arise and whether supporting us remotely or onsite I find the Gennix staff to be courteous, professional and ready to help.

The Gennix team have always been a terrific IT support for our busy clinic. What impresses me most is their response time, regardless of the magnitude of our request. This really has helped us on numerous occasions in keeping our productivity up. The Gennix staff (every single one of them) are always willing to go the extra distance to ensure our needs are met. They are all professional, courteous, knowledgeable, great with problem solving, and an excellent asset to have available. Thanks Gennix!
— Tim Buckley, General Manager, Seymour Health Clinic

"We Were Losing Over $50,000 A Year in Productivity Due To Constant Computer Problems!"

Maxime Spakowski

Ferro Building Systems

Gennix Brought Stability To Our IT Infrastructure So We Could Focus On Running Our Business.

Maxime Spakowski is in Business Development and Strategy at Ferro Steel Buildings in Surrey BC. Ferro delivers innovative metal building solutions to customers across Canada. As a company their goal is to run building projects with efficiency and open communication with their customers.  To meet this goal they depend heavily on technology and their IT network, but like many modern businesses; when their computers go down, their work grinds to a halt.  

The old IT company Ferro was using struggled to implement new solutions and the “solutions” they did manage to install were poorly configured leaving the network vulnerable.  When Maxime would call for IT support she would often wait for hours and even days for help and then watch poorly trained technicians struggle to come up with answers to the errors messages on their servers.  Then something changed; Maxime met with Gennix Consulting.

Finally…Someone Who’s Technically Savvy and Responsive

“We heard about Gennix from our accounting consultant and we asked them to come in to propose an IT support solution.   Gennix provided a detailed and thorough support proposal and offered a flexible pricing plan that met our needs.”   Maxime goes on to say “The Gennix owners gave us a report on the health of our network and were upfront about what needed fixing, clarified expectations and costs, and explained the process to us.”    

Stability, Stability, Stability!

You guessed it, stability is the single biggest benefit Gennix has brought to the IT infrastructure of Ferro Steel Buildings.  Maxime says, “We love the care, attention and follow up that Gennix provided while fixing our broken IT infrastructure.  Now that things have settled down we appreciate the ticketing system they use to stay on top of regular support issues.  Even buying new computer equipment is way easier as Gennix will quote us a few options and then deliver and configure it just the way we need it.”

Ferro is no longer losing 128 working hours a month to debilitating server outages and computer problems letting them focus on the business of constructing high quality steel buildings for their clients.  “Thank you Gennix!”

"Gennix have proved their worth in helping us navigate a number of unexpected challenges"

Darlene Marno

Ecotrend Ecologics


We first started working with Gennix when we needed more than advice on our next server upgrade - we needed a partner that could take us through a needs assessment, acquisition, set up and transition and stick with us to really take hardware and network concerns out of the picture.

Gennix has done all that and far more. They have become a true partner to us and have proved their worth in helping us navigate a number of unexpected challenges from a full Microsoft audit to working with our software providers to resolve problems with our ERP system upgrade.

We wouldn't go back to in-house management of our network after realizing the savings of time and effort that we have working with Gennix. I recommend them without hesitation.

"Gennix made EMR a reality for our clinic."

Jennifer Napper

Wilson Centre Family Practice

 A solid reference from one medical clinic turns into a long term
relationship between Gennix and Wilson Center

When Wilson Centre Family Practice was ready to jump into the world of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) they began looking for an IT partner who could provide the computer infrastructure needed to host the EMR system for their doctors and staff.  The EMR vendor listed Gennix as a possible IT support provider and after receiving a strong reference from White Rock Medical Associates, Wilson Centre chose Gennix to bring them into the exciting world of computer-based patient records.  That was in 2008 and now eight years later Gennix continues to provide valuable IT support services to the large Port Coquitlam clinic.

As the clinic administrator, Jennifer Napper overseas the office operations and keeps things running smoothly for the clinic staff.  “We would not have been able to get the EMR system going without Gennix” says Napper.  “Prior to 2008 we were a paper-based clinic drowning in patient charts and inefficient work flows”.  EMR is a way to streamline how practitioners see patients, document issues and write prescriptions. 

Gennix quoted and provided a comprehensive IT implementation plan that started with building a server room and ended with ergonomically mounted computers in the exam rooms plus everything in between.   The project included running structured network cabling, installing network equipment, building servers, rolling out desktop computers and configuring printers throughout the clinic.  As well Gennix integrated high-speed scanners and an electronic faxing system to help the clinic become a paperless office.

Gennix assisted the clinic with setting up VPN access to their patient records which has been a huge benefit to the doctors when they need to work off site.  Ultimately the goal of being computerized with the ability to track patient records and have all the information they need at their fingertips has multiplied the efficiency of the clinic.

“Gennix bridges the gap in our IT support”

Like any computer based systems the network at Wilson Centre needs ongoing support to keep things running smoothly for their staff of professionals.  In her experience with Gennix Jennifer has seen that “Even though many of our users are not tech savvy the move to EMR has been very positive due in part to the support provided by Gennix.  Their response times are great and we appreciate that their team understands the IT needs of a large and busy medical clinic.” 

Gennix has enjoyed a long term relationship with Wilson Centre, taking the clinic from one with a handful of administrative computers to one with dozens of mission critical computers and equipment.  For a medical clinic using EMR having a trustworthy partner in IT can make all the difference.

Gennix Consulting has provided excellent expertise and service to our strata management company over the past 10 years. They respond to our needs on a timely basis and we rely heavily on their knowledge and experience in overseeing our day to day IT requirements.
— Craig Smith, Bradshaw Strata Management

Going with Gennix has streamlined our company’s IT management and helped us work more efficiently by providing innovative solutions, personalized customer service, and timely troubleshooting and support. Through these efficiencies, we were able to reduce our costs: important for non-profit organizations such as ours. Each member of their team has proven to be thorough, prompt and responsive to customer concerns.