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Attention CEOs in the Fraser Valley


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Do you want to protect your business from unwanted cyber crime and thieves?

Dear Business Owner in the Fraser Valley,

If you want to protect your business from unscrupulous people online and on the dark web, this may be the most important message you read all year. Here’s why… For a limited time, I’m offering a one-on-one Cyber Security Review for small business owners in the Fraser Valley who want to stop hoping their businesses are protected and instead know that they control the security of their company. During this Cyber Security Audit, you will…

  • Determine if any of your employees have unknowingly leaked your company’s sensitive information
  • Discover if your email address and passwords are being sold on the dark web
  • Learn how to close open security holes in your company’s network
  • Find the secrets to preventing productivity and profit loss with your online technology
  • These are just a sample of the items we will go over as we review our findings with you

Because this is a high-quality, personalized review of your network, I normally charge $500 for the service, but right now and on this page only, I’m offering it to you at no cost and no obligation if you take action immediately. Wouldn't it be great to finally know that your business is secure from online hackers and the innocent mistakes of employees?

It's time to get secure.  I hope to hear from you.

Ren Giesbrecht
Director of Business Development
Gennix Consulting Inc.

To schedule your complimentary Cyber Security Audit, give us a call at 604.534.9161 or complete the following form to schedule your Cyber Security Review.


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